Pabst Blue Ribbon

You have 100 years at best.

In these short years of life you only have one job that truly matters.

Your one job, the hardest of all, is to be happy.

Surround yourself with the things and people that you understand,

and that understand you.

Move towards the things you love and leave the bullshit behind.

We aren’t here for a long time, so make it a great time.

Justin Boots

Don’t try to define me because I don’t fall in a category.

My name isn’t under a label, and I will never fit in with just one group.

I won’t restrict myself because there is freedom in breaching comfort zones

I choose to live and think outside the lines and boxes that others made for me

I cannot be defined by others because I write my own definition


Glory doesn’t come to those that wait

Those too polite to get what they want

Glory wants you to go out after it and fail.

And time after time, you will.

Short by inches, by seconds.

But one special day, you won’t

You will win.

Then you’ll realize, the glory wasn’t in the victory

It was in the chase.

Ottava Music

There is something special about the up and comers, the unknown, and the underdogs.

Those who scrape by, drive vans, and hope every gig is a big break.

we support these dreamers and those who look to find their potential

We believe together band and fan form a cohesive world that must be shared

so we invite anyone, whether you’re looking to be found or waiting for a new discovery

Because the underestimated can surprise you.


You know good food when you taste it.

With one bite all suspicion falls away and only satisfaction replaces it.

You went out on a limb seeking the new and the delicious.

But now you have found it, the best burger you could ever have hoped for.

The kind that makes your tastebuds sing and the hair on your neck to stand on end.

Here in your hands where it belongs.

It’s now the hour for you to indulge and celebrate your culinary discovery.

It is now chow time.

Chow II

There are some who believe exploration is dead. 

That nothing new can be found in the obvious places; and they would be right. The new and exciting no longer resides in locations in front of us.

We, the modern adventurers, have to look a layer deeper and test out options. 

For us, our conquests come from our bravery to try the new and delicious. So we urge all the the boundless searchers, go out and just take a bite.