My Irish Filming Adventure

Background: In summer 2017 I was a participant in the University of Oregon's Cinema Studies in Dublin program. For one of the courses I was in enrolled in, we were asked to create a short video involving the concept of discovery. This was my entry.


There is value in pushing past comfort zones.

Probably the most important information I have been taught can be contained in three words: make yourself valuable. When you are valuable you are needed and opportunities quickly follow. Whether using my brain or work ethic I have tried to make myself valuable to my schools as well as my employers. The principle seems simple, but in fact, it demands that you go beyond what is asked of you and propel yourself to learn new things not within your comfort level. Traveling to Ireland pushed me well beyond what I thought was my designated comfort level. Why?

To give a brief history of why I was absolutely mortified to travel alone to Dublin, Ireland, I will start with my original skill set. I am a writer. Thoroughly. There are probably letters bouncing around in my blood stream. However, somewhere within the jumble of letters in my veins there is also roll of camera film. I have always had a curiosity for production and film. On a fateful morning I got lost (no surprise there) in one of the many University of Oregon administration buildings. On the door of what I thought was the billing office a poster advertised a cinema studies course in Dublin, Ireland. Well, me being bit by the travel bug several years prior, the opportunity to walk on European soil again was a very attractive idea.

Though I was craving another European adventure, the ‘cinema’ part of the course gave me severe pause. I had never done production. In fact, all I really knew was how to hold a camera. I had no experience and no clue what the course would demand of me. As my brain filled with initial doubt and fear, I remembered that I shouldn’t let fear dictate what I can achieve. My desire to learn new things overruled my fear and within a few short months I was creating film content in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The rest is history.